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Jeevan Surabhi 25 Years

Product summary

This is a with-profits plan available for 25 years with premium paying terms of 18 years. The plan provides a specified percentage of Sum Assured on survival up to specified durations. A life insurance cover is available throughout the term of the plan which increases after every five yearly intervals.


Premiums are payable yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, monthly or through salary deductions as opted by you throughout the premium paying term of the policy or till the earlier death.


This is a with-profit plan and participate in the profits of the Corporation’s life insurance business. It gets a share of the profits in the form of bonuses. Simple Reversionary Bonuses are declared per thousand Sum Assured annually at the end of each financial year. Once declared, they form part of the guaranteed benefits of the plan. A Final (Additional) Bonus may also be payable provided policy has run for certain minimum period.

Death Benefit

The Sum Assured alongwith the additional cover, if any, plus all bonuses declared till death is payable in a lump sum upon the death of the life assured during the policy term. The survival benefits paid prior to death will not be deducted from the claim amount.

If death occurs at anytime during the term of a policy (provided the policy has been kept in force by payment of all premiums that had fallen due), the basic sum assured along with the vested bonus will be paid. The survival benefits already paid, if any, will not be deducted from this claim amount. An additional amount (depending on the duration of the policy) will also be paid on death under such a policy. The additional amounts payable, at various stages are shown in the table given below.

Survival Benefits

A percentage of sum assured as mentioned below will be paid on your survival to the end of specified durations:

  • At the end of 4 years - 20% of basic Sum Assured
  • At the end of 8 years - 20% of basic Sum Assured
  • At the end of 12 years - 20% of basic Sum Assured
  • At the end of 15 years - 20% of basic Sum Assured
  • At the end of 18 years - 20% of basic Sum Assured
  • At the end of 25 years - Bonus

Maturity Benefit

The policy matures on your survival to the end of the policy term. All bonuses declared up to maturity date will be paid in a lump sum.

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